Work It Out

from by Erin Tobey

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If it is not knocking,
do not let it out
If it is not crying,
do not try to work things out
If it is not pretty,
then do not make out
If what’s burning is not yours then
do not put the fire out

If you cannot see it,
do not seek it out
If you cannot bear to listen,
do not hear it out
If your house is good enough,
why venture out?
If your room has what you need,
why bother going out?

Because why go out? Stay in
when the world is full of men
And so why go out at all when like
none of them will call?
So just stay home in your bed
and just hide your head instead
because without them you’re
no good to anyone

Let it out
It’ll sicken if it stays
Let it out
You know we will feel
much better this way
Work it out if we
have to talk all night
Say what’s wrong
but make sure to say
what is right


from Middlemaze, released June 3, 2016




Erin Tobey Bloomington, Indiana


MIDDLEMAZE, out now from Let's Pretend Records.


Cover/background art by John Berry


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