Infinity Song

from by Erin Tobey




When will it end?
Will it end?
Will it?
The only sky that I can see
is spinning to infinity
through windows wide
But here inside my darkened room,
with solid walls and solid roof,
I’m finite

Will you be the one to
pull me through?
Savior's Son, like all the
ones before you?
And when we’re free,
where will we flee
to make the sleeping something
set inside us wake?
Because, darling dear, if you are there,
the ribs around my heart
will still a prison make

There is one thing I have yet to try
Jailer, turn the key and bleed me dry
Incapacitate me, free my mind
and the rest will follow
then leave without a trace
so that I can forget
I didn’t do it on my own


from Middlemaze, released June 3, 2016




Erin Tobey Bloomington, Indiana


MIDDLEMAZE, out now from Let's Pretend Records.


Cover/background art by John Berry


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