I'm Young

from by Erin Tobey

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Every time I whistled in the wind
to move the trees,
never saw the, never felt the breeze
Every time I covered up my eyes
to set the sun, it would be done

I’m young
I could move a mountain
stone by stone
It may take all day
but that’s a sacrifice I’d make

Oh Mom, don’t call me
God, Mom! Don’t call me

I could open doors for you,
don’t even need a key
Trust me, babe,
they’ll let me in for free
I’m a firecracker but don’t
come near me with a spark
I like it dark

I’m young...

My love is a deep, abiding love
It lives on the dance floor of the club
My love spans the
length and breadth of time
It lives until it dies

On reflection, I could see that
I’m a product of my time,
if I reflected


from Middlemaze, released June 3, 2016




Erin Tobey Bloomington, Indiana


MIDDLEMAZE, out now from Let's Pretend Records.


Cover/background art by John Berry


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