Baby Monitor

from by Erin Tobey




Check it once and check it twice:
the baby monitor of the world is alight
But this baby never is sleeping
It’s crying and screaming and then
it seems to stop breathing so
go up and check it again!

But there’s no life in your device
It looks at you with a dead stare
Don’t ask it how it is doing
It only does things the one way
It can’t make a choice and it
cannot ever change

O! my dreams
can’t follow me to bed
I lose them on the way
when I outrun them
O! my eyes
can’t focus on your face,
your features all replaced
by a likeness

Constant contact is a vice
when just a tender touch
on my hand would suffice
I don’t have to know
where you’re going
You don’t have to call when you’re there
As long as you’re home before morning, babe,
I don’t care


from Middlemaze, released June 3, 2016




Erin Tobey Bloomington, Indiana


MIDDLEMAZE, out now from Let's Pretend Records.


Cover/background art by John Berry


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